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Last updated: March 13, 2017.

If you’ve made it here, chances are you’re familiar with the Wix SEO Hero challenge where a (in most cases) winner-take-all prize is given to the contestant site that ranks the highest for “SEO hero” from a non-personalized browser in New York City, New York over the course of a few days in March. That’s why this site exists, but also because it’s a fun little SEO side-project. If I’m lucky enough to outrank Wix and the rest of the heroic competitors, great. If not, no sweat.

The main course of the site is certainly the SEO hero personality quiz, but if you’d like to start with an appetizer, watch the video below. You can also skip right to the SEO Heroes if you want. Also, I’ll be updating the site throughout the contest, so come back and say hi every now and then.

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It takes time, careful deliberation and a hard look in the mirror to understand your true heroism. Just relax. You might even enjoy it. 408 others have already 🙂

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Here’s where other folks have landed on the SEO Hero quiz up through 7:30 AM CST, March 7th, 2017. Check out more aggregated SEO Hero quiz results.

Agent Underdog 12.2%

Analytica 10.5%

The Inbounder 15.0%

The MagiSEO 10.0%

LanguEDGE 8.5%

Matrix 13.5%

not an SEO Hero 8.2%

Proximity 5.0%

The Stabilizer 6.5%

The Technician 5.7%

The Unveiler 5.0%

Our Cast of SEO Heroes

Scroll through our ten SEO heroes to learn about their superpowers, who they team up with, their heroic origin and what drives them.

Our Charities

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providing housing, healing and education to youth in the greatest need

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feeding hungry people today and working to end hunger tomorrow

Read more about Harvesters Community Food Network on our Charities page and learn how you can help by voting or donating.

KC Pet Project

creating a No Kill Community in the Kansas City metro

Read more about KC Pet Project on our Charities page and learn how you can help by voting or donating.

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