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Below are the incredible images my friend Jimmy created for this SEO Hero contest site along with the song and video I made. Feel free to use any and all SEO Hero images, videos and songs on your site as long as you credit us with a link back to Enjoy!

Agent Underdog – Wil Reynolds

seo hero wil reynolds agent underdogseo hero wil reynolds agent underdog

Analytica – Annie Cushing

seo hero annie cushing analyticaseo hero annie cushing analytica

The Inbounder – Ruth Burr Reedy

seo hero ruth burr reedy the inbounderseo hero ruth burr reedy the inbounder

LanguEDGE – Aleyda Solís

seo hero Aleyda Solís LanguEDGEseo hero Aleyda Solís LanguEDGE

The MagiSEO – Rand Fishkin

seo hero rand fishkin the magiseoseo hero rand fishkin the magiseo

Matrix – Paddy Moogan

seo hero paddy moogan matrixseo hero paddy moogan matrix

Proximity – Darren Shaw

seo hero darren shaw proximityseo hero darren shaw proximity

The Stabilizer – Danny Sullivan

seo hero danny sullivan the stabilizerseo hero danny sullivan the stabilizer

The Technician – Mike King

seo hero mike king the technicianseo hero mike king the technician

The Unveiler – Jennifer Slegg

seo hero jennifer slegg the unveilerseo hero jennifer slegg the unveiler

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